About Us

Who we are

1 State Licensed Pool Contractors
Please verify anyone you hire to do a pool repair.

2 Fully Insured for Pool Repair
We are fully insured for any pool repair that you are in need of.

3 Top 50 Pool Company in the USA
We are a rated Top 50 Pool Companies by Pool & Spa News.


Chlorine King, in a Few Words

Chlorine King Pool Service was born in 2016 with the desire to make the industry a better place and better serve our local clientele. We found an immense opportunity to refine the pool repair side of the industry while also improving customer service.  There are specific requirements from the State of Florida in order to perform repairs. Hiring someone unlicensed, lack of communication and no shows are a thing of the past now. Chlorine King Pool Service fixes all of those downfalls from other companies.

We acquired a State of Florida Swimming Pool Contractor's License in 2017 and have continued to improve the industry with hundreds of pool service videos on our YouTube Channel, hosting dozens of podcast episodes and publishing several articles in industry pool magazines. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us here so we can help you!

Our Repair Team